Our Team

Mark Heding


Trucking, simply put, is in Mark’s blood. Mark is the 3rd generation President of Heding and has performed numerous duties including truck driving, sales, maintenance, safety and ultimately management during his 40 years with Heding. Mark is semi-retired, however is still active in day-to-day operations in the business.

Jennifer Heding-Weber
Vice President

For the last 36 years, Jenny has been working in customer service where she works as a troubleshooter, scheduler and finds time completing many other tasks. She strives to get freight delivered safely, and on time, as loyalty to the customers is a number one priority. Jenny also pushes to make sure all employees feel at happy and important, as they are.

Lucas Penshorn

Operations Manager

Lucas joined Heding in 2017 and is the great-grandson of our Founder Harry W. Heding. He is responsible for overseeing our day-to-day operations, working directly with each department, as well as our valued Professional Drivers, on a daily basis.


Prior to Heding, Lucas was a Financial Planner in San Diego, CA where he assisted clients with all of their retirement planning needs, while holding various licenses and certificates. Lucas also served his country in the U.S. Coast Guard where he held several leadership positions and led dozens of foreign vessel boarding’s. Being a naturally curious person, he enjoys staying up to date on current trends in the trucking and logistics industry and all things technology.

Fay Urban

Safety Director

Fay works at Heding as the Safety Director. In this position she makes sure the company and the drivers are compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. This includes crashes, drug and alcohol compliance, electronic logging devices (ELD) regulations, driver qualification folders, hiring compliance and onboard training for new drivers.

She has learned much by working under many great mentors including Mark Heding (President of Heding Truck Service), and others. Fay also went through a certification program with North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI) where she became a Certified Director and Supervisor of Safety.

Kim administers the employee-benefit programs and payroll processing for the Heding Truck Service team.  She enjoys talking with, and helping our drivers, and is the resource for time off requests, as well as health and optional insurance questions.  Kim also handles tasks involved in payroll to compensate our employees for miles driven and hours worked, calculating, and distributing payment to employees; as well as updating employment records, and answering employees’ payroll questions.

Cheryl, the treasurer, handles the financials and accounting payable at Heding. Alongside of that she also does any required reporting for licensing, payroll, insurances etc. Cheryl attended and graduated from UW- Stout and has completed 20+ years in her field. She does well at forming budgets and plans for the business and is also very positive and professional.

Sara was employed by Heding Truck Service in April of 2000 in the Accounts Receivable and Claims department.   After graduating High School, she attended WWTC and completed the Accounting and Administrative program. 

She currently provides Administrative support and daily office needs to the Company.  She invoices bills in a timely manner and makes sure payments are received.  She also handles any work comp claims and short/damage claims as well as answers the phone and provides Customer service.

Sara was nominated as an officer for the Company in May of 2018.  She was nominated as the Secretary.  She maintains the corporate records, enters data and prepares minutes of the board meetings.

As an Inbound Coordinator and Logistics Carrier Representative Rick works in customer service, finding and returning loads. He also deals with load input and dispatch drivers.

Rick has been working in his field for about 20 years has been a loyal employee of Heding with the company for over 32 years.

Karla has been working in Customer Service and Dispatch for over 15 years. With Heding, Karla works by taking and setting up loads from customers and helps dispatch drivers when needed.

                Fellow colleagues describe Karla as dedicated, efficient and positive as she strives to do her best each and every day.

For over 30 years Angie has been working as a Logistics Carrier Representative. With this title, she coordinates loads and dispatch drivers. She works very diligently to make sure her job is done right, and to the best of her ability.

               Angie graduated from WWTC in LaCrosse where she completed a degree in finance.  

Kim Anderson-Human Resources

Cheryl Scheeter-

Sara Gorn-Secretary and Accounts Receivable 

Rick Field-Inbound Load Coordinator, and Logistics Carrier Representative

Karla Riffey-Customer Service and Dispatctch

Angie Nachtigal, Logistics Carrier Representative

431 Perry St.  I  Union Center, WI  I  1-800-236-8441


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